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 Thank You for Supporting Healing Hands After the Hurricane 

Funds raised will go toward emergency relief efforts for hospitals and medical facilities in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico that were devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  Make your reservation here today!

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We need your help urgently!

The lives of our fellow Americans in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico have been devastated by the effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in a way that is unimaginable.  Many families have lost everything.  Lives have been lost and families have been torn apart.  Homes and businesses that people worked a lifetime to create have been destroyed. 

The hospitals that once helped to heal and support the people of these islands have been severely crippled. In the Virgin Islands, the hospitals in St. John and St. Thomas suffered severe structural damage, loss of power, and are functioning at the most basic level.  In St. Croix and Tortola, roof damage and loss of personnel has led to a severe reduction in services.  Many patients have to be sent out of the Virgin Islands to the mainland US or elsewhere to receive care.

In Puerto Rico, structural damage, water intrusion, loss of power, and loss of staff has forced many hospitals to the brink of closure. Supplies are dwindling and staffing is at an all time low. In short, these islands have lost the ability to the care for the health and well being of their people. 

This loss of healthcare will have a negative domino effect on the region. Disease will spread due to lack of treatment and prevention.  People will leave the islands out of fear of inability to receive basic care if they become ill. Relief workers will fail to come to the areas due to the danger that lack of health care creates.  Tourists will avoid the area, which will keep vital income from returning to the region.  Physicians will leave the island due to an inability to practice medicine, thereby widening the gap in health care services so desperately needed in the islands.  Supplies will dwindle, making even the most basic care impossible.

To help reverse this process, we need your help.   C.H.A.R.M. is raising money to directly support the health care systems in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.  Our proceeds will go directly to the hospitals so the people who need care the most can receive it.  We will be giving our money to:

1. Roy Lester Schneider Hospital in St. Thomas and St. John
2. The Gov. Juan Luis Hospital in St. Croix
3. Peebles Hospital in Tortola
4. San Juan Children’s Hospital in Puerto Rico.

CHARM will also be helping bring needed health care workers to the area to aide in the recovery.

Your donations to the post Hurricane disaster relief are vital to helping these communities recover.